The Use of Lavender

The Use of Lavender

Lavender has been around for years.   We use the best premium Lavender oils within our products.   People incorporate Lavender their lifestyles everyday.

1 -Lavender and Stress

Lavender is great for stress relief and helps you relax.  Adding a few drops into Aloe can help ease the pain of Sunburn.

2 - Lavender and Respiratory 

You can use Lavender oil in a vapor therapy to help open clogged sinus by adding to boiling water. Or apply around the neck to relieve sinus stress.



3 - Lavender and Bugs

Think it or not, most pests don't like the smell of Lavender. Diffuse it around doors and windows to prevent insects from flying in. Or utilize it on the skin as a safe choice to insect repellents.

4 - Lavender can help with Clear Complexion

Lavender has effective cleaning residential properties that can eliminate the oils that cause imperfections while enhancing your skin tone. It can also relieve irritated skin connected with the season or environment when added to a service provider oil.

5 - Deodorize with a Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender has the power to rapidly zap poor smells! Use it on anything around the house that often tends to establish less-than-pleasant odors. Add it in a load of stinky laundry, athletic shoes, the washroom, or anywhere that needs solid deodorizing power.

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