Meet the CEO

As I was younger, I've wanted to own my own business. Motivated by the hardships that I experienced, I wanted to build something more.  For years, I tried different approaches to come up with business ideas.  Each one fail one by one.  I realized I did not have all the resources to move forward. 

Being the oldest out of 4 children.   My Mother worked hard to make sure we had what we needed.  When I became a Mother, I wanted to do the same for my children.  Along the way I may some not so great decisions.  Am sure we all have done that at some point in our lives.

I continue to work hard after getting out of domestic violence relationship.   I worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet for me and my children.    I wanted to be more stable and could not find it. 

Years went by and still did not see a way to get my dreams to come true.  Along the way, I had to have surgeries one after another and blood transfusions to stay strong enough to get through life.   My younger sister has gotten older and she tried to help as much as she can.

I became very depressed and confused.  I couldn’t understand how to manage or cope with anything.  I had to find a way to deal with everything without medications.   I found my first outlet riding Sport bikes.  Who knew that would become a passion.  Riding became one of my biggest past times.   Riding help me focus and relax.

As I get on my bike and head out to hit some curves.  I say my prayers to come home safe after each ride.   I became more focus on becoming a better person and getting through the hard times.   Never being able to socialize with people.  Riding help me overcome that part of my life. 

I began making jewelry and selling handbags on Ebay.  That was my first step in learning how to make some money.  It was a slow start because I wasn’t sure how to market or what to make.  I created a few pieces and put it out there.  My first sale and became happy that someone actually like my pieces.  As you know, it takes work to make jewelry.  There isn’t a fast way or a right way.   Just the quality way.  I wasn’t making $100 a month barely $50.

I needed to figure out something else.   While working a temp job in between working at UPS and cleaning buildings.   I knew it had to be another way to become an Entrepreneur.  So, I took up my second way to relax from those stressful days.  Bowling became a new love along with riding.

Now everything was falling in place in baby steps.  I was starting to grow with new ideas.  I started carrying a small notebook as things came to me.  I was doing side hustles like creating websites, flyers and t-shirts for other people.  My creativity shocked me ways I did not know.

At this point, I felt my dreams can come true if I kept up this path.  Until late 2019, everything came to a halt.  A halt that can make a person just give up on everything.  I ran out in front of me one morning going to work.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  My nerves and body was hurting all over.   Took a day or two from work to get myself together.  I allowed myself to think I could not move on.  I got it together and then it happened 5 days later.  I was out riding my motorcycle and was in accident.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it.   Two accidents within a week. I thank God every day for that day.  Where I landed, I would not have been here today.

After being out of work for about a month.  I really because depressed again but worst.   My mind and thoughts were in a dark place.  I sat and ask God for his guidance and help.   Than it hit me.  Growing up helping my Grandmother, she taught me things of creating soap.  That is when Legendary Bath and Body was born on January 2020.

Who knew the 2020 would turn out the way it did.   At that point, I was thinking I can’t start a business now with everything going on.   I stayed the path to becoming an owner of my business.   I did not let stop me and continue to create.   I wanted my brand to heal and provide self-love.  I wanted something that I can call my own and inspired me to keep my head up and be meaningful.


-Lisa Washington, CEO